Memory scores

series of mixed media paintings 

Memory happens from neural connections that allow the storage of images, situations, stories and information, which are rescued in the act of remembering. As in the montage of a film, scenes are combined in association with others in the process of remembering. This series of paintings seeks, from the mixture of techniques in the combination of images, to portray this mechanism of relating different scenes in the same cut.
The mixture of abstract and figurative images represents the layers of proximity that one has with the memory – either very defined, or a distant, diffuse scene. By placing two or more images on the same surface, new relationships are made between them, producing and rescuing different memories in each person who comes into contact with the paintings.

an orchestra in my trunk
40 x 40 cm
oil and transferprint on canvas

santa clara 

60 x 40 cm
oil e transferprint on canvas

my collection of shells and letters
40 x 30 cm
oil e transferprint on canvas

the time interval of a sound wave
12 x 12 cm
oil e transferprint on canvas

where water meets light
20 x 15 cm
oil e transferprint on canvas

certain events seemingly frozen in time
60 x 40 cm
oil on canvas